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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Voting - Frequently Asked Questions


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Can I have my name redacted from the public record?

To remove your name from public record, please see the Arizona State Statutes which provide the specific details on who is eligible and what requirements have to be met. There are separate statutes for different public records: Recorder (A.R.S. § 11-483), the Assessor and Treasurer (A.R.S. § 11-484) and Voter Registration (A.R.S. § 16-153). Please review each statute for details. Here is a link to the home page of the Arizona State Statutes.

How do I register to vote and where can I get a form?


  • Complete a voter registration form and answer all questions
  • Sign and date the voter registration form
  • If using the Arizona State registration form, remove the back sheet (save as your receipt)
  • Mail or drop off registration forms at our offices in Prescott or Cottonwood


  • Yavapai County Recorder’s Office, both in Cottonwood and Prescott
  • City or Town Clerk’s offices
  • Libraries throughout Yavapai County
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • United States Post Offices throughout Yavapai County
  • Visit the Register to Vote page on this website or  and choose the Voter Registration icon

What is the deadline for registration prior to an election?

To be eligible for an election you must be registered or have the changes submitted no later than twenty-nine days (29) prior to the election.

When do I re-register and can I make changes by phone or email?

  • A voter must re-register if they change their name or residential address, or wish to change their party affiliation.
  • You may contact our office by phone or email to change a mailing address or provide a temporary mailing address. A new registration form is required when you change your name, residential address or party affiliation.

When is a voter placed on the inactive Voter Registration list?

When election material is returned as undeliverable by the Post Office, the following occurs:

  • A follow-up notice is sent within three (3) weeks of the returned notice to the address that appears on the general register or to the forwarding address provided by the U.S. Postal Service and will include a registration form.
  • If the county recorder does not receive a new registration form containing the new information within thirty-five (35) days following the second mailing, the name of the of the voter is transferred to an inactive list.

When is a Voter Registration cancelled?

Arizona Revised Statutes require that registrations shall be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • At the request of the person registered
  • When the county recorder has been notified of the death of a person registered
  • When the county recorder has received written notification that the person registered has been adjudicated an incapacitated person as defined in ARS §14-1501
  • When the county recorder has been notified that the person registered has been convicted of a felony
  • When the county recorder has been notified in writing that the person registered has moved from the county and registered outside Yavapai County
  • When a person has been on the inactive voter list for four consecutive years OR through the date of the second general election for federal offices following the date of the notification from the County Recorder.

When is my registration completed and confirmed?

Once your registration form is accepted and processed, you will receive a voter ID card in approximately two to four weeks. If you lose or misplace your voter ID card, you can call Voter Registration for a replacement.

Who can register to vote?

  • A citizen of the United States –Citizenship Requirements
  • A resident of Arizona
  • A convicted felon whose rights have been restored
  • A person who is 18 years of age or older by the next General Election

It is a class 6 felony to register if you do not meet the above qualifications.

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