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Friday, May 7, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


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If I did not vote in the Primary Election, can I still vote in the General Election?

Yes, you do not have to vote in every election to keep your registration active. 

What does Arizona's Open Primary Law mean?

“At primary elections there shall be provided a separate ballot for each party entitled to participate in the primary.” (A.R.S. §16-467(A))

  • Each “recognized” political party shall have a separate ballot for partisan primary elections.
  • In Arizona, the recognized parties are DEMOCRAT, LIBERTARIAN and REPUBLICAN.
  • If you are registered as one of the Recognized Parties, you shall receive your party’s ballot.
  • Due to a ruling by the U.S. District Court, the Arizona Libertarian party is not included in Arizona open primary; the ruling specifically states, “The Defendant is permanently enjoined from requiring the Libertarian party to allow voters who are not registered as Libertarians from casting a ballot in any Libertarian primary.” ARIZONA LIBERTARIAN PARTY vs. BREWER, dated September 25, 2007. What this means, is that you may only vote a LIBERTARIAN ballot if you are registered as a LIBERTARIAN.
  • If you are registered as INDEPENDENT, NON-PARTISAN or as a member of an unrecognized political party, you may choose ONE and only ONE, of the available recognized party ballots to vote.
  • Once you have chosen a party ballot you cannot exchange it for another party ballot.

Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) and the Primary Election

Ninety days (90) prior to the Primary Election letters will be sent to all voters on the PEVL with information regarding the Primary and General Elections. Voters who aren’t registered with a recognized party will receive a form which will allow them to select the party ballot they wish to vote.  A ballot will not be mailed to unaffiliated voters until we receive a form indicating their ballot choice. You may also make your choice by contacting our office by phone, email or through our Early Ballot Request website.

If you have further questions on the open Primary please call our office (928) 771-3248.

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