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Friday, May 7, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


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I want to campaign at polling places on Election Day - have signs up, tables, people handing out pamphlets, etc. What do I need to know?

75-Foot Limit – This is a boundary around the vote center that has the purpose of insulating voters from campaigning while they are trying to vote.

Not allowed inside 75-Foot Limit:

  • Electioneering (any verbal communication of support or opposition, whether for a candidate, a political party that has candidates on the ballot, or a question on the ballot)
  • Photographers & Media
  • Anyone loitering
  • Candidates and political action committees cannot have tables, people campaigning, etc., inside the 75-foot limit.

Allowed inside 75-Foot Limit:

  • Voters can take written materials (sample ballots, pamphlets, etc.) into the vote center with them.
  • Voters can have children or another person there to assist them – except, candidates that are on the ballot are not allowed to assist voters.
  • Normal business activities

Except in the case of an emergency, any facility that is used as a Vote Center on Election Day is required to allow electioneering and other political activity outside of the 75-foot limit, in public areas and parking lots used by voters. Consult our website for the listing of any facilities which do not allow electioneering.

Not allowed on vote center property:

  • Temporary or permanent structures (canopies, tents, etc.) in public areas and parking lots
  • Blocking or restricting access to walkways or parking spaces for voters. Keep traffic and walkways clear – Any areas used and traveled by voters (sidewalks, parking lots, etc.) should not be blocked in any way (even partially) with your signs, vehicles, tables, chairs, or supporters.
  • Sign placement and tampering – Do not place signs at the Vote Center without first checking with the property owner or manager. Some Vote Center facilities have designated specific areas they have approved for sign placement. Unauthorized signs on private property may be removed. State and many local laws also govern placement of signs on public and private property, as well as removal, alteration or defacing political signs. The Posting of Candidate Signs can give you some guidelines, but it is your responsibility to make sure you are following the most current laws in each area you are posting signs.

PLEASE BE AWARE: The County does not generally lease the entire facility for voting purposes, and most Vote Center locations have normal business activities occurring on Election Day. An increasing number of Vote Center property owners have expressed concern with Election Day mistreatment of their property, unauthorized borrowing of furniture or use of resources, interference with their customers or patrons, and concern with damage resulting from signs on the premises. Vote Center property owners are required to allow electioneering, but they are not required to be a Vote Center. We recommend that you seek permission from the property owner or manager of any Vote Center that you want to campaign at on Election Day.

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